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We have been in the online academic writing business for over a decade and the knowledge and skill we have gathered has facilitated our growth

Unlimited revisions

We offer free and unlimited revisions to our clients until they are fully satisfied with the final paper.

100+ subjects

Our writing services cover a wide area of academic writing and over 100 subjects and fields. We have experts on every field.

Essay samples

We have already-written essay samples to guide you in writing a high-quality paper to earn you a good grade.

Verified tutors

Our tutors have master's and PhD academic qualification ensuring you get an extensively-reasearched paper.

24/7 online availability

We have tutors from all over the world active on a 24/7 basis to ensure you get academic help whenever you need it.

Plagiarims-free papers

All papers are written from scratch and this ensures they are unique and free from plagiarism and grammatical errors.

Free options

Our clients enjoy features such as free title page, free reference page, free citations, free formating and revisions.

100% confidentiality

All data about our clients is never shared with third-party vendors and is stored in encrypted formats in our secure servers.

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Ordering from us is the simplest and easiest process ever.

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Creating an account with us is free and simple. All you need is to fill in your name, email address and set up a secure password.

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Submit your question

After creating an account or logging in, you can then submit your question on the form provided, choose the number of pages you want, the deadline, subject and othe important details. You can also upload important files for your task.

Step 3

Pay for your order

After filling all the details and uploading the important files, you will then be presented with the total cost for your order. Make payment to get one of our tutors assigned the task in order to start working on it immediately.

Step 4

Get your paper

After the writer has completed working on your paper, the quality-assurance team carry out a number of tests on your paper to remove spelling errors, grammatical errors and ensure the paper meets our quality standards and is plagiarism-free. After passing all these, it is then delivered to your account for you to download, review and submit it for grading.

Our services

We offer academic writing help that ranges from writing admission essays to dissertation papers

Essay Writing services

Essay writing is not an easy task as some essays can take days, weeks or even months to complete. With our expert tutors, we can get it done as early as under 3 hours. You don't have to be stressed about your essays that are due soon, there are experts well-suited for that. Just submit your requirements and wait for a high-quality paper.

Online examinations

Sometimes students get overwhelmed by school work and other responsibilities and forget to prepare for their upcoming examinations until it is too late. Do not worry, just give us the details for you online portal atleast 2 hours before the examination and we will get a well-suited expert to do the exam for you and guarantee you and A.

Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading can sometimes be be a huge task especially when it involves a document with more than 100 pages. We have experts who can break this huge task into small and manageable tasks and get it done in less than 6 hours. Do not risk submitting your paper with errors due to lack of time to proofread and edit it. We will do that for you.

Paper selling services

We also have already-written paper that will guide you in writing a high quality essay. We sell this papers at fairly cheap prices for all students to afford. This papers will help students get more knowledge on the subject and know the key points to include when writing similar papers. Students can also earn some cash by sharing their notes.

Movie and book review

It is normal for professors to give their students certain books to read or movies to watch and review. Professors already have in mind the key points they want the students to deduce from the books or movies. Sometimes students don't have the time to rewatch the movie or read the book multiple times to get this points. We are here to help out.

Multiple answer questions

Multiple answer questions are a common thing and everyone has to experience them at least once in their lifetime. They may seem easy but in reality these questions are as challenging other forms of questions especially when there are closely related answers. Our experts have handled thousands of this questions and are readily availabe to help you.

Professional essay writers at your service

Quality over quantity is our motto. At research center, we prioritize customer satisfaction that is why we always deliver quality paper that will fetch our clients the top grades from their professors.

In order for us to keep up with our motto, our writer-hiring process is very strict and every writer has to meet certain quality standards for them to be allowed into our team. All papers our clients receive from our writers are of high quality and free from plagiarism. We also hire writes with Master's and PhD academic qualifications to ensure they have the required knowledge and skills to write academic papers in their areas of specialization.

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Essay writing services for your succees

At Research Center, we understand that most students stuggle when it comes to looking for legit online essay writing services at fairly cheaper prices and that is why we have come forward to help students with this hassle. Not only are our prices pocket-friendly for all but also the quality of papers we deliver is top-notch to earn students As from their professors.

Apart from writing essay from scratch, we also have already-written essays that you can purchase at cheaper prices to help you earn more knowledge in your areas of study. We also offer editting and plagiarism removal services in case you have an essay to be edited.

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